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ok so after my last post I did a little searching and found some blogs by ITT graduates. A lot of it was people bitching and whining about how rotten their experience was. but a lot of it were other grads who had great experience. What I noticed and what has made me decide to go ahead and give this a chance is that those who were complaining were inarticulate and couldn't spell for shit. Those who had good things to say were very articulate and made some valid points. Yes there was a civil law suit case brought against ITT last year accusing ITT of making false promises about there job placement and post graduate earnings. What the federal government found is basically in a nut shell that the students got out of it what they put into it. ITT did not make any promises it did not in good faith try to fulfill. The problem was not the schools fault but those students who wanted everything handed to them. One of the bloggers I read mentioned that quite a few people will graduate from ITT with a 4.0 because they cheat and the teachers will let them knowing that they are only cheating themselves. That the degrees is only the first step in getting a good job, you must also present yourself and your resume in such a way as to interest employers. Think about it you have, what maybe to brief pages to convince a total stranger that while you may be fresh out of school your still the one they want to hire. Then you have to actually know what your talking about when you get to the interview. It's a total package thing. On another blog I found a group of current ITT students who were having problems with a teacher who didn't seem to be very effective or to know what he was talking about in regards to what he was teaching anyways. Well The blogger said that the class got together and went to the dean and complained. They say in the blog that the teacher was replaced within a week. With out knowing which campus they attend or the courses they are taking there is no real way to check on this. Anyways I will welcome any comments about ITT.

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