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Ok so I am considering attend ITT Tech here in Portland for their Drafting course. I have been trying to gather as much info on them as I can. So far I have found that regular colleges are unlikely to transfer credits from ITT, and that a friend of mine went to ITT 10yrs ago and while they sent him on many interviews he never got hired by the companies. Now as far as transferring credits, as long as the drafting companies hire people with degrees from ITT I could give a wet rats ass if the other colleges don't take their credits. As for my friend who went on many interviews and did not get hired. Well can anyone really say that it was ITT's fault he didn't get hired, I mean ITT's career center sent him on the interviews so obviously companies were interested, right? So does anyone out there have any personal experience with ITT they could relate? So far everything is looking like I should go for it. The better business bureau has had 1 complaint against them in the last 3 years of which they say was resolved to both parties satisfaction and that ITT has a satisfactory rating with them. But does that really mean anything?
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