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I have been thinking lately how strange my life has turned out. How with a simple visit to the park one Wednesday night several years ago my entire life changed. I mean really it was a spur of the moment thing to go to gather that night, how was I to know that a girl I had not seen in almost 12 years was going to be there? With two little words my life changed. I was standing by the tennis courts watching the fencers, when Allen walks over and says "hey that chick's here." I turn and give him this look he has seen many times, the one that says "what the hell are you talking about?" With a sigh he jerks is head in the direction he came from and I follow. We get across the road and I suddenly recognize the person he is leading me to. She hasn't seen me yet, her back is to me I get about six feet from her and say "Hey Brat." She freezes for a moment and then turns. No time passes before she is in my arms. we talk briefly and she invites me to a house warming party for that weekend. What gets me is that if I had not already requested the week off I wouldn't have been able to go. I mean shit I just thought of spending some time in the town I grew up in. Well anyways that was 5 years ago we are still together and have a beautiful little girl. Now from that simple event there are several things that would never of happened with out that trip to the park.

1. I would not have quit driving trucks to stay with her.
2. I would not have been working at the ski lift factory when 9/11 hit. (which resulted in me getting laid off shortly before thanksgiving that year.
3. as a result of getting laid off I took a job as a security guard at Sunrise mall.
4. If I hadn't taken the security job I would not have met Rick and started installing garage doors.
5. If I never met rick I would not have broken my back
6. If I never broke my back I would not have moved to Oregon
7. If I never moved to Oregon I would never have helped make a fabulous Zombie move and met all the wonderful people who helped with that.
anyways there's alot more but that will have to wait til another time.

So did fate have a hand or is it random events strung together into a coherent whole?

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